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25 year raised 8x8x2' L shaped Bed
  • 25 year raised 8x8x2' L shaped Bed

    This 8x8x2’ tall, raised garden bid kit has risen to become our top seller for very good reason. Who doesn’t want to garden without stooping low to the ground!    At 26” high, these raised garden beds are a joy to garden with and are very attractive.   An open bottom allows for unlimited root depth. Our beds offer exceptional breathability bringing oxygen to the root zone that is proven to promote superior root growth and greater plant vigor.  Perfect for areas that might not be used for gardening, because of ground/soil conditions.


    The extraordinary depth of this bed also helps with root growth for plants like potatoes, carrots, beans, or tomatoes. Not having to step in the garden bed  has the benefit of being able to tend to the garden whenever you want, even when the ground is wet.


    Our beds offer the gardener a green elevated garden bed that is made from a 100% nontoxic woodchip/concrete composite that will last for 25 years or more. They are an attractive choice that and certified to perform in all kinds of weather & climate conditions.


    Written proposals submitted after you have met with garden specialist.

    • What you get

      The bed will be delivered, erected, base filled with 4" sand for drainage and 21" of brick ends 3/8" compost. 

    Color: Grey
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